FAQ and Troubleshooting

How can I test my shop before taking it live?

On your event dashboard, click on the first tile that shows your shop status. On the lower part of this page, you can place your event into “test mode”. In “test mode”, everything behaves the same, but orders created during test mode can later be fully deleted. Be sure to actually delete them when or after you turn off test mode, since test mode orders still count toward your quotas and are included in your reports.

How do I delete an event?

You can find the event deletion button at the bottom of the event settings page. Note however, that it is not possible to delete an event once any order or invoice has been created, as those likely contain information on financial transactions which legally may not be tampered with and needs to be kept on record for multiple years in most countries. In this case, you can just disable the shop by clicking the first square on your event dashboard.

If you are using the hosted service at pretix.eu and want to get rid of an event that you only used for testing, contact us at support@pretix.eu and we can remove it for you.

Why doesn’t my product show up in the ticket shop?

If you created a product and it doesn’t show up, please follow the following steps to find out why:

  1. Check if the product’s “active” checkbox is enabled.
  2. Check if the product is in a category that has the “Products in this category are add-on products” checkbox enabled. If this is the case, the product won’t show up on the shop front page, but only in the first step of checkout when a product in the cart allows to add add-on products from this category.
  3. Check if the product’s “Available from” or “Available until” settings restrict it to a date range.
  4. Check if the product’s checkbox “This product will only be shown if a voucher matching the product is redeemed.” is enabled. If this is the case, the product will only be shown if the customer redeems a voucher that directly matches to this product. It will not be shown if the voucher only is configured to match a quota that contains the product.
  5. Check that a quota exists that contains this product. If your product has variations, check that at least one variation is contained in a quota. If your event is an event series, make sure that the product is contained in a quota that is assigned to the series date that you access the shop for.
  6. If the sale period has not started yet or is already over, check the “Show items outside presale period” setting of your event.

How can I revert a check-in?

Neither our apps nor our web interface can currently undo the check-in of a tickets. We know that this is inconvenient for some of you, but we have a good reason for it:

Our Desktop and Android apps both support an asynchronous mode in which they can scan tickets while staying independent of their internet connection. When scanning with multiple devices, it can of course happen that two devices scan the same ticket without knowing of the other scan. As soon as one of the devices regains connectivity, it will upload its activity and the server marks the ticket as checked in – regardless of the order in which the two scans were made and uploaded (which could be two different orders).

If we’d provide a “check out” feature, it would not only be used to fix an accidental scan, but scan at entry and exit to count the current number of people inside etc. In this case, the order of operations matters very much for them to make sense and provide useful results. This makes implementing an asynchronous mode much more complicated.

In this trade off, we chose offline-capabilities over the check out feature. We plan on solving this problem in the future, but we’re not there yet.

If you’re just testing the check-in capabilities and want to clean out everything for the real process, you can just delete and re-create the check-in list.