Welcome to pretix' documentation!

We work hard to make this website contain all information that you need to use, run, understand, and improve pretix. Of course, this documentation will never be perfect or complete, but if there is anything unclear or anything specific that you miss here, that's a bug and we'd be happy if you'd let us know.

Documentation structure

User Guide

Go here to find information on how to configure and use pretix as an event organizer.

Administrator docs

Find out how to install pretix on your own server and how to maintain an installation of pretix.


Documentation and reference of the RESTful API exposed by pretix for interaction with external components.

Developer docs

Get information on how to contribute to pretix itself and how to build plugins that interact with pretix.

Plugin docs

Documentation and details on plugins that ship with pretix or are officially supported.

Table of contents

Detailled overview of everything contained in this documentation.

Useful links

Project website

pretix.eu is the central entry-point to the pretix project and also the home of the commercial hosting service available.

GitHub repository

Our main source code repository contains all code that is part of pretix as well as some plugins and the source for this documentation.

Project blog

This important information source contains all release notes for all stable releases of pretix as well as general news on pretix as a project.


Keep in touch and stay up to date by following our project account on Twitter.