Embeddable Widget

If you want to show your ticket shop on your event website or blog, you can use our JavaScript widget. This way, users will not need to leave your site to buy their ticket in most cases. The widget will still open a new tab for the checkout if the user is on a mobile device.

To obtain the correct HTML code for embedding your event into your website, we recommend that you go to the “Widget” tab of your event’s settings. You can specify some optional settings there (for example the language of the widget) and then click “Generate widget code”.

You will obtain two code snippets that look roughly like the following. The first should be embedded into the <head> part of your website, if possible. If this inconvenient, you can put it in the <body> part as well:

<link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="https://pretix.eu/demo/democon/widget/v1.css">
<script type="text/javascript" src="https://pretix.eu/widget/v1.en.js" async></script>

The second snippet should be embedded at the position where the widget should show up:

<pretix-widget event="https://pretix.eu/demo/democon/"></pretix-widget>
   <div class="pretix-widget">
        <div class="pretix-widget-info-message">
            JavaScript is disabled in your browser. To access our ticket shop without JavaScript,
            please <a target="_blank" href="https://pretix.eu/demo/democon/">click here</a>.


You can of course embed multiple widgets of multiple events on your page. In this case, please add the first snippet only once and the second snippets once for each event.


Some website builders like Jimdo have trouble with our custom HTML tag. In that case, you can use <div class="pretix-widget-compat" …></div> instead of <pretix-widget …></pretix-widget> starting with pretix 1.14.


Your embedded widget could look like the following:


If you want, you can customize the appearance of the widget to fit your website with CSS. If you inspect the rendered HTML of the widget with your browser’s developer tools, you will see that nearly every element has a custom class and all classes are prefixed with pretix-widget. You can override the styles as much as you want to and if you want to go all custom, you don’t even need to use the stylesheet provided by us at all.


Since buying a ticket normally involves entering sensitive data, we strongly suggest that you use SSL/HTTPS for the page that includes the widget. Initiatives like Let’s Encrypt allow you to obtain a SSL certificate free of charge.

All data transferred to pretix will be made over SSL, even if using the widget on a non-SSL site. However, without using SSL for your site, a man-in-the-middle attacker could potentially alter the widget in dangerous ways. Moreover, using SSL is becoming standard practice and your customers might want expect see the secure lock icon in their browser granted to SSL-enabled web pages.

By default, the checkout process will open in a new tab in your customer’s browsers if you don’t use SSL for your website. If you confident to have a good reason for not using SSL, you can override this behavior with the skip-ssl-check attribute:

<pretix-widget event="https://pretix.eu/demo/democon/" skip-ssl-check></pretix-widget>

Pre-selecting a voucher

You can pre-select a voucher for the widget with the voucher attribute:

<pretix-widget event="https://pretix.eu/demo/democon/" voucher="ABCDE123456"></pretix-widget>

This way, the widget will only show products that can be bought with the voucher and prices according to the voucher’s settings.

Disabling the voucher input

If you want to disable voucher input in the widget, you can pass the disable-vouchers attribute:

<pretix-widget event="https://pretix.eu/demo/democon/" disable-vouchers></pretix-widget>

pretix Button

Instead of a product list, you can also display just a single button. When pressed, the button will add a number of products associated with the button to the cart and will immediately proceed to checkout if the operation succeeded. You can try out this behavior here:

Buy ticket!

You can embed the pretix Button just like the pretix Widget. Just like above, first embed the CSS and JavaScript resources. Then, instead of the pretix-widget tag, use the pretix-button tag:

<pretix-button event="https://pretix.eu/demo/democon/" items="item_6424=1">
    Buy ticket!

As you can see, the pretix-button element takes an additional items attribute that specifies the items that should be added to the cart. The syntax of this attribute is item_ITEMID=1,item_ITEMID=2,variation_ITEMID_VARID=4 where ITEMID are the internal IDs of items to be added and VARID are the internal IDs of variations of those items, if the items have variations. If you omit the items attribute, the general start page will be presented.

Just as the widget, the button supports the optional attributes voucher and skip-ssl-check.

You can style the button using the pretix-button CSS class.

Changed in version 1.13: The pretix Button has been added in version 1.13.