General remarks


To use pretix, you will need the following things:

  • pretix and the python packages it depends on

  • An WSGI application server (we recommend gunicorn)

  • A periodic task runner, e.g. cron

  • A database. This needs to be a SQL-based that is supported by Django. We highly recommend to either go for PostgreSQL. If you do not provide one, pretix will run on SQLite, which is useful for evaluation and development purposes.


    Do not ever use SQLite in production. It will break.

  • A reverse proxy. pretix needs to deliver some static content to your users (e.g. CSS, images, …). While pretix is capable of doing this, having this handled by a proper web server like nginx or Apache will be much faster. Also, you need a proxying web server in front to provide SSL encryption.


    Do not ever run without SSL in production. Your users deserve encrypted connections and thanks to Let’s Encrypt SSL certificates can be obtained for free these days.

  • A redis server. This will be used for caching, session storage and task queuing.


    pretix can run without redis, however this is only intended for development and should never be used in production.

  • Optionally: RabbitMQ or memcached. Both of them might provide speedups, but if they are not present, redis will take over their job.