Installing a development version

If you want to use a feature of pretix that is not yet contained in the last monthly release, you can also install a development version with pretix.


When in production, we strongly recommend only installing released versions. Development versions might be broken, incompatible to plugins, or in rare cases incompatible to upgrade later on.

Manual installation

You can use pip to update pretix directly to the development branch. Then, upgrade as usual:

$ source /var/pretix/venv/bin/activate
(venv)$ pip3 install -U "git+"
(venv)$ python -m pretix migrate
(venv)$ python -m pretix rebuild
(venv)$ python -m pretix updatestyles
# systemctl restart pretix-web pretix-worker

Docker installation

To use the latest development version with Docker, first pull it from Docker Hub:

$ docker pull pretix/standalone:latest

Then change your /etc/systemd/system/pretix.service file to use the :latest tag instead of :stable as well and upgrade as usual:

$ systemctl restart pretix.service
$ docker exec -it pretix.service pretix upgrade