Project structure

Python source code

All the source code lives in src/, which has several subdirectories.


This directory contains nearly all source code.

This is the Django app containing all the models and methods which are essential to all of pretix’s features.
This is the Django app containing the front end for organizers.
This is the Django app containing the front end for users buying tickets.
Helpers contain a very few modules providing workarounds for low-level flaws in Django or installed 3rd-party packages.
Additional code implementing our customized URL handling.
Contains all static files (CSS, JavaScript, images)
Contains some pretix plugins that ship with pretix itself
This is the root directory for all test codes. It includes subdirectories base, control, presale, helpers and plugins to mirror the structure of the pretix source code as well as testdummy, which is a pretix plugin used during testing.

Language files

The language files live in pretix/locale/*/LC_MESSAGES/.

Static files

Sass source code

We use libsass as a preprocessor for CSS. Our own sass code is built in the same step as Bootstrap and FontAwesome, so their mixins etc. are fully available.

pretixcontrol has two main SCSS files, pretix/static/pretixcontrol/scss/main.scss and pretix/static/pretixcontrol/scss/auth.scss, importing everything else.
pretixpresale has one main SCSS files, pretix/pretixpresale/scss/main.scss, importing everything else.

3rd-party assets

Most client-side 3rd-party assets are vendored in various subdirectories of pretix/static.