Use case: Mixed taxation

Let’s say you are a charitable organization in Germany and are allowed to charge a reduced tax rate of 7% for your educational event. However, your event includes a significant amount of food, you might need to charge a 19% tax rate on that portion. For example, your desired tax structure might then look like this:

  • Conference ticket price: € 450 (incl. € 150 for food)

    • incl. € 19.63 VAT at 7%

    • incl. € 23.95 VAT at 19%

You can implement this in pretix using product bundles. In order to do so, you should create the following two products:

  • Conference ticket at € 450 with a 7% tax rule

  • Conference food at € 150 with a 19% tax rule and the option “Only sell this product as part of a bundle” set

In addition to your normal conference quota, you need to create an unlimited quota for the food product.

Then, head to the Bundled products tab of the “conference ticket” and add the “conference food” as a bundled product with a designated price of € 150.

Once a customer tries to buy the € 450 conference ticket, a sub-product will be added and the price will automatically be split into the two components, leading to a correct computation of taxes.